“Dematerialisation guarantees more dimensions of imagination, because it is more flexible, more changeable and adaptive. ... The transformation of solid materiality into processes of energy changes light, air and time into spatial materials.”


Pascal Schöning, Architect and Philosopher


Luna is a metaphoric space of the moon inspired by a Moon jar which is often placed in the courtyard of the traditional Korean architecture. A pond, vast but shallow is located in the centre of the courtyard changing its shape constantly during the day -a full moon, then half moon and to the crescent moon due to the change of water level, a metaphor of the tide and ebb. Every phase of Luna offers various public spaces – a shallow pool that kids can splash around, a very gentle slope for seating or leaning against and even a large scale stage for concerts. A shell structure provides a shade in the courtyard during the mid summer whose parabolic shape traces the path of the sun and rope-woven surface represents the stars trajectory in the universe. During the day a constantly moving image of water waves in the pond will be captured on the rope-woven screen which will cast an elongated shadow over the ground at night. Casting a gigantic shadow of the people on the museum wall is an additional joy. We hope people can make such unique experience and memories of a good summer day with the new dimensions of imagination and inspiration that Lunar offers.


Since Luna, the Moon is brought to the courtyard of the museum, the time is set here based on the lunar month. Therefore we suggest a Moon Festival during the program, one day event each month with a different episode. The format of festival is a Live Media Performance with 3d projection mapping onto the pavilion structure. The Moon Festival will give a full access to the citizens of Seoul.







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Seoul, Korea

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea

75 m2

Notion Architecture

Victor Jan

SDM engineering

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