There is heavy infrastructure of highways and railways running along the North and South direction and this forms a main urban axis in the urban area. A main access road to the site is proposed to run perpendicular to this axis linking up the reclaimed site to the existing city. A proposed pedestrian bridge introduces another axis which brings a dynamic composition in the site. 



Opera house and Multi-purpose hall are located along each axis accordingly and the entrance of each building is located as it looks towards the sea. The site becomes a vehicle-free by the proposed road which runs along the perimeter of the site. An outdoor concert hall is located in between Opera house and Multi purpose hall at ground level.



 The program of the Music complex aims to bring Music performance and Public events in one place. The opera house will accommodate up to 2150 seats operating all along the year and the Multi purpose hall seating up to 1390 will be dedicated primarily for Music performances but also could host other events such as business conference. The complex will also include an Outdoor concert hall with up to 600 seats for domestic cultural events. And this could be extended up to 1200 seats for the future growth.



The extended platform offers an outstanding panoramic view to visitors.

Lower decks are highly accessible by public at any time of the year while upper decks are strictly open for audiences with a private view. At every single corner of platform there will be various cultural events encouraged to take place such as outdoor exhibition and arts performances. These activities on the platform as a whole will  mark the Busan Music complex as a cultural and social landmark for a city of Busan.







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Busan Opera house


Concert hall & others

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Busan, Korea

City of Busan

52,180 m2

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