​Bolivia is an inland country in South America, experiencing economic, educational and cultural poverty. The site of the project is the Poco Poco village, located in a mountainous region and one of 25 villages belonging to the Potosi community. Every January and February, for the monsoon season, this poverty stricken area suffers from loss of roads. During these months, even basic resources are hard to come by. The school of Hope-flower project was launched for this village by a charity group to provide a multi-purpose public space comprising the role of village community centre as well as accommodating personal lodgings and a cafeteria facility for teachers residing in the area. Therefore, each space has to function flexibly so that such diverse programs can fit in it. Against this background, we proposed an external courtyard in the middle of the building that allows access to the different rooms. This proposal took into account the fact that village people prefer the outdoors as the village's local climate conditions keep its temperatures constant year-round and this village is relatively dry except for a short monsoon season. It was also based on our wish to create a more pleasant environment by locating this outdoor space within the environs of the building. The building is deliberately designed in such a manner that kids can repetitively go in and out of the building when they move rooms, to learn and play in the library, the sand-play room, the staircase and the roof of the building. The library was placed at the front of the building and the restaurant at the back to help accessibility to both facilities. A stage is planned for the south side of the building, to be used for village events alongside the playground, which is located next to the site.








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Potosi, Bolivia

Hope-flower Foundation

138 m2

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